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VDR Files Converter - Open, Play, Converter and Edit VDR Files

Video Converter

Video Converter

Perfectly convert TiVo, MXF, VRO, VP6, M2TS, MKV, AVI, MVI, VOB, etc with high quality.
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VDR implements a complete digital Set-Top Box and Video Recorder. It can work with signals received from satellites (DVB-S) as well as cable (DVB-C) and terrestrial (DVB-T) signals. At least one DVB card is required to run VDR. With it you can watch live TV while recording one or more other broadcasts from the same transponder.


The VDR basically works like a Tivo but with many extra features like timer programming over a web interface and multiple stream recording from several DVB cards and/or Transponders. The files generated by the VDR are MPEG files but they seem to use a different kind of muxing similar to pva files. Unfortunately VRD can not open the files and posts a message "video stream not found" you can open the files directly in Media player classic.


Now follow the steps, you could convert, edit and play VDR files fast.


Step1: Free download, install and launch VDR File Converter. Aunsoft Video Converter can be used as a MPEG files Converter/Editor which can help you convert/edit MPEG files, VDR files are actually MPEG files, so you can rename the .VDR extension to .MPG first, then you can drag and drop the renamed VDR files to the program for editing and conversion.


Step2: Drag and drop or click “Add” to load VDR videos (rename to .mpg first) into the program you want to convert. You can add more than one file at a time.


convert edit play vdr files


Step3: In the drop down list menu of “Format”, please select the output video format you want to get. You want to convert VDR to MP4, please select MP4, like to convert VDR to WMV, please select WMV, demand to convert VDR to AVI, just select AVI, etc. Then specify a location on your computer where the new file should be saved.


Step4: If you want to trim or crop your VDR files and get the wanted part or area, if you want to replace original audio and add background music to the VDR videos, if you want to deinterlace, remove interlaces or image noises of the videos, please click “Edit” to get into editor windows and start your DIY process.


crop trim edit vdr file


Step5: Click “Convert” to begin converting the VDR files.

If you want to know more about converting VDR files, please enter: Convert, Edit and Play VDR files.

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