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Video to Windows Phone 7 Converter - Convert TiVo/MKV/VOB/AVI to Windows Phone 7

Video Converter

Video Converter

Perfectly convert TiVo, MXF, VRO, VP6, M2TS, MKV, AVI, MVI, VOB, etc with high quality.
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Windows Phone 7 is a wholly new user interface from Microsoft. All Windows Phone 7 devices like HTC 7 Mozart/7 Trophy/HD7 etc, LG Quantum / Optimus 7Q/GW910, Samsung Focus/Omnia 7, etc have good cameras with instant-photo capability. All devices have high-speed processors to handle things like its visual-oriented interface as well as 3D games. And WP7 devices are also a great media player which support for a wide range of video/audio codecs, all this multimedia syncing is done through the Zune software. That means that if Zune can play the file, it'll play on your Windows Phone 7 device. The most suitable formats are .mp4, and .wmv with 800*480 resolution. And .mov can also be well played on WP7 devices.

In order to help you make full use of your Windows Phone 7 devices movie playing function. Aunsoft Video to Windows Phone 7 Converter is designed to give you more choice to enjoy kinds of movies. It supports to convert videos to WMV/MP4 for Windows Phone 7, including but not limited to TiVo videos, MKV videos, VRO, WMV, TS, TP, MTS/M2TS videos, VOB videos, AVI, HDTV TP files and RMVB videos.

 convert video windows phone 7

Have a look at the steps below to convert videos like TiVo/MKV/VOB/AVI/WMV to Windows Phone 7 devices, and output movie to 800*480 pixels aspect ratio.

Step 1. Load videos or HD videos like TiVo/MKV/VOB/AVI/WMV to Aunsoft Windows Phone 7 Conversion Software.

Run Aunsoft Video Converter as the perfect Video Converter for Windows Phone 7, and click the "Add" button to load videos in formats like .tivo, .tp, .vob, .ts, .mkv, .wmv, .mts, .avi, .rmvb.

Step 2. Choose Zune MP4 or Zune WMV format for Windows Phone 7 devices.

Click the "Format" option and choose Zune HD WMV Video (*.wmv) or Zune HD MP4 Video (*.mp4) or Zune/Xbox 360 Device > Zune Xbox 360 (*.wmv) or as output format for Windows Phone 7 devices. (When you select the format, you can click Settings to change the video Size to 800*480 pixels, set bitrate higher to 2500kbps, framerate to 25 or 30 fps) 

video to windows phone 7 converter

Step 3. Convert videos to WMV or MP4 for Windows Phone 7 devices.

Click the convert button under the preview window, and the conversion from TiVo/MKV/AVI/ VOB to WMV/MP4 for Windows Phone 7 starts immediately.

After conversion, just transfer/sync your converted WMV or MP4 to Windows Phone 7 for enjoyment.

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