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What’s MXF and how to convert Panasonic P2 MXF to ProRes mov for FCP?

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Currently, there’re two basic MXF types: one is those where the essence (media) is stored in the same file as the metadata that refers to it. The other is that where the essence is stored in separate files to the metadata, while these files have External essence.


Take the below two cams for examples:


Let’s see Canon XF100. In the folder of AA0230, the essence is the AA023001.MXF, while the other files like AA0230.CIF, AA0230.CPF, AA0230.THM, AA0230.XML, AA023001.SIF is unimportant. AA023001.MXF can be separated for archiving.




Here comes P2. From the below pictures, you can see video and audio files are separated in different folders. And also, it’s no difficult to find one video will have four audio tracks. For archiving, you need to keep the whole structure of video and audio.




As we all know that MXF is a self-container format which is unacceptable to many editing software, like FCP, Sony Vegas, Avid DNxHD, etc. There’re so many video converters that’s able to handle video converting. Yep, these video converters can do conversions from MXF to FCP, transcode MXF to Quicktime. But they’re not professional MXF converters, you may judge from the conversion speed, output quality. Video/Audio unsync issue is the most trouble to video converter users.

If you’re a P2 user, then, I bet you can’t agree with me more. Once, a friend of mine who has Panasonic AG-HPX370 often contacted me with complains about her issue of dealing with conversion of Panasonic AG-HPX370 captured MXF videos. All of her converted files will have no sound.

How to find a suitable converter for your MXF files? A program especially designed for MXF conversion is the best choice. Here I recommend TransMXF Converter for Mac. With this MXF converter, we can make it possible to edit MXF in FCP without rendering.

This guide focuses on converting P2 MXF to FCP friendly format, mainly telling you how to transcode MXF to ProRes 422. ProRes, as FCP’s native format, is the best choice for FCP editing.


How to convert P2 MXF to ProRes for FCP?

Notes: keep the whole structure of Audio and Video folders.

1.Add MXF files from the folder of Video.

2.Choose ProRes 422 (*.mov) as output format from Final Cut Pro category.

3.Specify the output path

4.Starting conversion from MXF to ProRes.


After super fast conversion is done,load ProRes to FCP for versatile editing, doing transition, adding key frame, etc.


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