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What program do you need after shooting AVCHD files?

Final Mate for Mac

Final Mate for Mac

Capture video footage from camcorder, join/split AVCHD without encoding, convert to Apple ProRes & AIC
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After shooting AVCHD or AVCHD Lite files with your HD camcorder, what will be your next step? Of course for most of people, they will share what they have shot. But generally, the original shooting would not be good enough to share with others. Video fans would think about doing some edit on the original shootings, such as Cut/Split the part of the video that you do not like, Merge or Join two or more AVCHD clips together.


So to find a proper tool to Merge/join, Split/Cut and trim the AVCHD files, MTS files are quite necessary.

You would say that such tools are in great deal. But you would not know the most proper one yet.


If you are using a Windows PC, you would think about programs like Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, and AVID Media Composer, etc. If you are a Mac fan, you would definitely have apps like iMovie, FCP X installed on your iMac. But are they suitable for most of people? Are they easy to use enough for beginners?


The answer is NO. For most of fresh man, the complicated steps in such program will completely confuse him. Generally, if you want to use such program skillfully, you must finish reading a tutorial book, at least 150-200 pages or you must be trained by the professional technicians at least several hundred hours. So, such programs would not be easy to use.


And also, the price for such program would also be concerned. Sony Vegas Pro 10 is about $89.95, while Adobe Premiere element 10 is $99; its Pro CS5.5 is on $799! What about FCP X? Generally apps on iMac will be quite more expensive than programs in Windows PC. It costs $1000; even you are the user for their former version, FCP, the upgrade will also cost you $300.


It is bloody expensive! If you are just a college student and also a HD video shooting fan, will you spend such a large amount of money on it? Please remember that maybe you just need simple steps to Merge, Split/Cut or Trim the AVCHD files or MTS files. The amazing effects on editing offered on those programs would not be necessary.


So, if you are an AVCHD video fan who only need do some simple edit on AVCHD files or MTS files, those expensive and not easy to use programs do not suit you!


Another issue is that those programs are not being compatible with MTS files, AVCHD files very well. You will spend much rendering time to get MTS files AVCHD files loaded into the program to edit!


In addition, those programs will take-up many memory and CPU resources while they are being launched and used. If your PC or iMac is not powerful enough, it will be hung by running those programs.


Aunsoft Final Mate will be an ideal solution for those problems. First of all, it only costs $49.95 and it is easy to use. By the camcorder Wizard offered in the program, you can import, backup and manage the AVCHD files and MTS files easily. After the files are imported into the program, you can Merge, Split/Cut and Trim the AVCHD files or MTS files within two or three steps. After that, the program will also help you convert the editing movie to WMV, AVI and MP4 in the specific configurations suitable for Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas importing, so that you can do further special effects editing if you like.


Aunsoft Final Mate for Mac is also on $49.95 and provides the same editing methods. What's more, it also provides ProRes 422 output, Apple Intermediate Codec, so-called AIC, output. It is a good app to help you get MTS to Mac compatible format. FCP X users are sure similar with those glossaries because ProRes 422 and AIC are the recommended formats by Apple for FCP X.


After you finish those necessary editing jobs, you can still get a MTS file or AVCHD file in a lossless output or you can remux or rewrap it to MKV. The quality of the video files will be remained intact. Any those expensive program can not do this job.


The last by not the least, Aunsoft Final Mate and its iMac version will request much lower hardware system requirements. Even though your PC or iMac is not powerful enough, you can run it much more smoothly than Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere and FCP X.


So, Aunsoft Final Mate and its iMac version is the very assistant program for HD Camcorder fans after shooting AVCHD files and MTS files. It will not cost you much money, and quite easy to use. Even you have got those professional video editing programs, Final Mate will also help you solve the compatible problem between those programs and AVCHD files or MTS files. By Aunsoft Final Mate, those editing program will be used more efficiency.

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