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Why MTS Files Need to Be Remuxed to MKV for WDTV

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If you are one of the DV lovers, you are believed to be familiar with MTS. As is known to us, MTS is a common format of digital camcorder. And do you often attempt to play MTS videos in WDTV with high quality? Some people have discovered that it performs not as fluently as hoped when camcorder is directly connected to WDTV.


The reason why original MTS videos can not be smoothly played lie in video codec. According to the report of MediaInfo, the MTS video from camcorder is encoded by BDAV and H.264. WDTV supports this type of MTS videos playing, but sometimes we will be depressed by a standstill during whole playing process.




Now, how to enjoy MTS videos in WDTV with smoothly experience has become the most important problem remains to be solved. Perhaps converting MTS videos to other formats like MP4 seems to be effective. However, you will find that it is a time-wasting project, since MTS file is always too large to be converted. I believe no one is willing to wait such a long time just for a video file.


Therefore, remuxing MTS file to MKV is likely to be the best solution. Because MKV has the same video codec with MTS, it is very easy for you to remux MTS to MKV. And during the whole process, the original video quality will be kept because the video is only repacked by another video container. In this way, any conversion or transcoding is not necessary and you can get the final MKV video with just several seconds.

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